Pinned Code of Conduct

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  • Code of Conduct

    I: General Behaviour
    • Members are expected to adhere to the below rules without question.
    • You are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the rules of the server, should you repeatedly break the rules of the server knowingly you risk expulsion from the House.
    II: Clan Policies
    • Double clanning is explicitly forbidden, there are no exceptions.
    • You are required to be on TS at all times whilst playing PW.
    • You are required to wear your tags in-game unless told not to by a member of leadership.
    III: Discipline
    • There is a ranking structure for a reason, members are expected to respect it and any orders given to them by a superior.
    IV: Behaviour
    • Members are expected to behave both in and out of game, when you are using our tags or our facilities such as TeamSpeak or the Forum you are respresenting the clan as a whole. Behave as such.
    V: Miscellaneous
    • The above rules are not comprehensive and members of the leadership reserve the right to administer punishment as they see fit.