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  • Application |Denied|

    (Quote from Niszczyiel)Server wasn't up in 2014, stop lying. Denied.
  • You state you've been here since 2014 yet you only have 138 hours?
  • Desired in-game name: Current age: Current residence: Do you have TeamSpeak and a working microphone: Steam Link: Previous PW experience: Reason for applying: Do you know anybody in the clan who can vouch for you?: Do you accept the code of conduct?:
  • I: General Behaviour Members are expected to adhere to the below rules without question. You are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the rules of the server, should you repeatedly break the rules of the server knowingly you risk expulsion from the House. II: Clan Policies Double clanning is explicitly forbidden, there are no exceptions. You are required to be on TS at all times whilst playing PW. You are required to wear your tags in-game unless told not to by a member of leadership. III…
  • Your application: Take note that failure to follow the guidelines listed in this thread will result in the immediate denial of your application. Questions must be kept in bold and answers are required to be un-bolded. Answers must be honest and truthful. Your steam must be public. It is also expected that a reasonable amount of effort is put into your application. Should you fail to do this, you will either be asked toe expand on your previous answers or outright denied. As such, it is advised …